Statistical software

  • This page contains statistical software based on Gauss programmes.
    Use for non-commercial academic-research is permitted free of charge subject to giving appropriate references. All rights are by Michael Lechner.
  • Causal machine learning estimator to estimate mean effects at different aggregation levels as discussed in my paper Modified Causal Forests for the Estimation of Heterogeneous Causal Effects, Version (Gauss 19).
  • Radius matching with regression adjustment
    This zip-files contains the GAUSS code for the radius matching estimator with regression adjustment that is discussed in several of my publications, Version 6.0 (Gauss 18).
    The R version of the estimator is available through my university web pages. The Stata version can be downloaded from the Stata SSC Archive. The Gauss version of the matching estimator is continuously maintained (but not posted here). If you are interested in using the most recent version (currently for Gauss 19), feel free to send me an email to Michael.Lechner at